Infinite Mannequin - Kit and Ace

IA, art direction, and UI/UX design for an in-store experience using a combination of iPad and a large hi-def display. I worked with the research and design team at Tuple to put together the user flow, and then executed compelling design and UX to pull shoppers into the beautifully styled world of Kit and Ace, where they can explore the catalog, find products that fit their tastes, and add the product to their bag. I took visual cues from Kit and Ace's website, social media marketing and clothing to incorporate their aesthetic into the experience.


These are our situational icons to display when the user is prompted to pick an activity on the iPad.
I wanted the imagery to playful and tactile.

Artboard 5 copy 8
Artboard 5 copy 7
Artboard 5 copy 2

After the user selects an activity, the screen combines the activity with the location imagery.
We decided to keep it local and Austin-centric.

Artboard 5 copy 4
Artboard 5 copy 5
Artboard 5 copy 3

After the user confirms their choices, they are presented with 3 personalized looks. The user then taps on their favorite look to complete the solution sell, and is prompted to add the product to their bag, request different sizes, and pair accessories.

Artboard 5 copy 9
Artboard 5 copy 11

In a total of about two weeks, Infinite Mannequin came to fruition just in time for our in-store demo with Kit and Ace.

NRP_1521 (1)
NRP_1556 (1)
NRP_1528 (1)

To see an example of how the demo works, check out this prototype I designed in Principle.
Narration provided by the lovely Melissa Meadows.

Untitled (KitandAceDemo copy)