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Sprinkles opened its first bakery in Beverly Hills in 2005, drawing long lines of loyal cupcake fans and celebrity endorsements. Today, the company has grown to 31 locations from coast-to-coast. With a continually going menu of sweets, the cupcake empire needed a robust ordering experience to match

Throughout the whole process from design to development, we worked closely with Sprinkles in order to understand their specific needs, workflows, menu, and customers. During this process, we evaluated the existing in-store and above-store technologies to identify the largest area of need for Sprinkles’ digital properties. We were able to design a solution that significantly improved their web ordering experience without disrupting their existing processes or other existing systems. We also designed our solution in such a way that we can continue to improve their host of digital products in the order of largest benefit.

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Research and Wireframing

First, we started with mobile prototypes. With the mobile-first approach, we were able to fit all functionality and features into less screen real-estate to ensure they would translate to desktop seamlessly. From there, we were able to design for desktop while maximizing parts of the User Interface we wanted more visual emphasis on, such as the final cupcake arrangement. This was an iterative process: by continually prototyping out basic ordering flows in mobile and desktop, we could test the design constantly and resolve potential issues early on, before moving to styling. 

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For design, we wanted to keep it simple: focus on the product. Large, professionally shot photos on a white background showcase what Sprinkles has to offer. For the user to get a more rich experience with ordering cupcakes, we designed the box preview to be isometrically viewed, as if the user was sitting at a table and looking down at their creation.

Cupcakes by Flavor

Cupcakes by Flavor was designed to make ordering higher quantities just as convenient as lower quantities. This design facilitates easily ordering any flavor in any amount. The clean layout displays each available flavor accompanied by photography, with descriptions available if a user clicks on them. Users can order using the plus and minus buttons, or manually type in a number. This makes ordering any number of any flavor incredibly smooth. The number of cupcakes are always displayed on screen as well, so that the user always has confirmation that their order is being updated with their selections. After selecting cupcakes, users are guided through box selection to make sure their cupcakes are packaged to order.

cupcake by flavor
sprinkles ipad

Build Your Cupcake Box

We streamlined the entire ordering process to allow the user to design, customize and review their order in real time. We came to the conclusion that allowing the user to browse cupcake options, adding them to your box, while still having a view of the final product was a user friendly and visually appealing way to not only give the user more control over the process, but have a full visual understanding of exactly what they’ll be receiving from the store. We want adding cupcakes to be an exciting process with each cupcake popping into your box as you add it, in whatever order you want.  With each step comes more options to customize and offers an immersive and exciting online ordering experience that will keep customers coming back for more.

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